Welcome to Joy Dahl’s Early Years consultancy

Joy is a passionately committed Early Years Educator, with a track record of proven success in improving children’s outcomes.

“Joy is a delight in the London team – always interested in the latest thinking, contributing well in team meetings and appropriately concerned to get the best for the children in her LAs. She has worked in some challenging LAs that are very particular in their adviser support – Joy has overcome this to fully contribute to their continued improvement.” 

 Joy is a challenging motivator, determined to make a difference and has a successful track record in schools, as  an advisor in an LA and as a Regional Adviser.

 “Joy is a highly dedicated professional who has worked hard in her LAs. She has established good relationships with the LAs and encourages an open dialogue with them to give appropriate support and challenge. This has been important in moving the LAs on. The impact of this has been positive; the good relationships formed have been instrumental in raising expectations and results in her LAs.” 

 Joy prides herself as still being a learner and is inspired by the energising abilities of practitioners and children.

  As a leader she is committed to having strong interpersonal relationships and empowering all stakeholders, children, parents and practitioners.

 “Joy ’s work has been judged to be highly effective. She is a valued member of the pan London  team; she brings not only a strong sense of purpose but also a very good sense of humour that lightens hearts when needed. She has been proactive in sharing her knowledge and expertise with the team, supporting learning and keeping the team abreast of partner EY developments.” 

 Joy has brought about innovative and creative Early Years practice.

 In promoting innovative pedagogy:

  •  Joy has successfully set up new nursery class provision, both as a teacher and as a LA  Adviser, using national and international approaches as good practice models for improving practice
  • Joy has worked  in partnership with a City Regeneration Project produced an Early Year’s teachers pack “Inside and Outside Worlds”, a journey of learning in the city alongside parents and young children.
  •  Joy has taken part in three Uk and world Study Tours in Reggio Emilia’s Infant and Toddler centres
  • Joy has worked in preschool provision in the Netherlands,  researching parental engagement .
  • Joy has taken part in an international school exchange withischools in Georgia, USA.

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